Artist Statement:

Krissy Downing has honed a unique brand of surrealism, pushing the envelope to redefine the genre with her self-defined stream-of-consciousness approach. Each composition is loosely mapped, free from censor and directive introspection, birthing a pure organic foundation of subconscious aesthetic ideals and then repeatedly interpreted and molded until its inherent narrative is revealed.

"I revel in the moments that hover between asleep and awake, when what’s left of dreams is winding its way out the dimly grayed space where our heads lay and just before all the colors bleed from our mystical beings, metamorphosing selves and physics defied to reveal lucidity. These moments are a suspension of sensory perception (and consequent self-awareness) that lets the brain continue forming images, sounds, tactile journeys the same seemingly random way dreams do. My work is born from these moments."
                                                                                          - Krissy Downing

Surrounded by Paint

Artist Bio:

Krissy was born in Seattle, WA on December 16, some year near the end of the 20th century and is currently craving Thai food. She has green eyes and a tiny, weird knot in her left ear as well as a small collection of rubber fish. Krissy has played the violin for more than 20 lemon-scented years and detests the very thought of anyone consuming fried liver. Even the thought of duck liver is rather repulsive. Krissy's favorite band is Modest Mouse, her favorite color is yellow, her favorite chore not to do is "the dishes," her favorite brand of toilet paper is Cottonelle, and she studied science and music in college. Previously employed as a graphic designer, Krissy now works as a self-taught, painfully humble, remarkably brilliant painter and plays electric 5-string violin for the band, American Sinner. She also owns a cabinet full of various adhesives and wires to be used in the construction of a paper mache family. Krissy rather loves the wintertime, her four kitties, her fiance, her family back home, traveling, finding money on the ground, cheese, sleeping, writing autobiographical paragraphs boasting numerous inconsistencies in flow as well as copious cornucopias of run-on sentences and silicone spatulas. Krissy can't quite understand why anyone wouldn't want bell peppers on their pizza.

Krissy is a member of Happy Time Apocalypse (a local artist's collective) with gallery exhibits and monthly art walk at the Happy Time Apocalypse Gallery in Greenwood. She is also part of The DC Conspiracy (a collective of comic book writers, illustrators & publishers based in Washington DC) and participates in the annual 48 Hour Film Project and the national 24-Hour Comics Day.

Krissy and her shenanigans can be tracked on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Exhibition History:

Solo Exhibitions:
2015, Apr. 11 to May 7 - Transverto: Krissy Downing & Rhodora Jacob at Eight & Sand Gallery | Seattle

2015, March 13 to Apr. 8 - Venus Rising: Feat. Krissy Downing at Push/Pull Gallery | Seattle, WA

2015, Jan 16 to Feb 11 - Artworks by Qrissy for Androcell & AtYya at Southbay | Olympia, WA

2014, Dec 18 - Featured Visual Artist for Jimi Jaxon's Disco Droppings at Kremwerk | Seattle, WA

2014, Nov 14 to Jan.. 7, 2015 - Misfits and Mutants: A Visionary Bizaar at True Love Gallery | Seattle, WA

2014, May 1 to June 3 - Selections from Paradigm & Loveable Misfits at The Dumpling Tzar | Seattle, WA

2013, Oct. 23 to 2014, April 28 - Selections from Paradigm at Hush Gallery | Seattle, WA

2013, June 3 to June 30 - Paradigm: An Evolution Imagined at The Dunes Gallery | Washington, DC

2012, Jan. 28 to April 14 - Loveable Misfits at Northside Social | Arlington, VA

Group Exhibitions:
2015, May 21 - 26 - Sasquatch Live Painting Group! at Sasquatch Music Fest. | George, WA

2015, May 16 - Gallery and Live Painting for Recess at Flourish | Columbia City Theater, Seattle

2015, May 14 - 16 - Oddities: A Celebration of Imperfection at InArtsNW | Seattle, WA

2014, Feb - March - The Day the Music Died at HappyTimeApocalypse Gallery | Seattle, WA

2014, Dec. to Jan., 2015 - Ice Kingdom: Winter Show at Tiny Dodo Gallery | Seattle, WA

2014, Oct. to Nov. - Thankful: A Group Show at Push/Pull Gallery| Seattle, WA

2014, Oct 31. to Nov. 30- Halloween Art Show/Party at Seattle BMX | Seattle, WA

2014, Oct. 27 to Dec. 6- Monster Show at Tiny Ninja Cafe | Seattle, WA

2014, Oct. 24 to 26 - Best of the Northwest Festival at Northwest Art Alliance | Seattle, WA

2014, Oct. to Nov. - False Faces: A Show of Masks at True Love Art Gallery & Tattoo | Seattle, WA

2014, Aug. 14 to Sept. 10 - Skate Deck Show at True Love Art Gallery & Tattoo | Seattle, WA

2014, Aug. 8 to Sept. 4 - Between Two Worlds: Fire Walk with Me at Urban Light Studios | Seattle, WA

2014, Aug. 2 to Sept. 1 - Pain at A/NT Gallery | Seattle, WA

2014, July 25-27 - The Bellevue Festival of the Arts at World Market | Bellevue, WA

2014, July thru Oct. - The Nic Cage and Gnome Show - Remix! at Trabant Coffee & Chai | U. District

2014, July 11 - (Were All Stars Now) in the Gnome Show at Echo Echo Gallery | Seattle, WA

2014, June 8 to 12 - Happy Time Apocalypse atThe Dumpling Tzar | Seattle, WA

2014, June 6 to 31 - The Fine Art of Nicolas Cage at Georgetown Liquor Company | Seattle, WA

2014, June 1 - StreetHeart Homeless Portrait Project for Homeless in Seattle | Seattle, WA

2014, May 31 to June 1 - Oddmall Emporium of the Weird at Everett Convention Center | Everett, WA

2014, May - May Day: The Art of Curious Emergencies at Otherworlds | Edmonds, WA

2013, Apr. 14 - Countdown to Yuri's Night: Artist's Market at Artisphere | Arlington, VA

2013, Mar. 1 to Mar. 31 - POWER ART at The Delray Artisans Gallery | Alexandria, VA

2012, Dec. 15 - GRUMP Holiday Market at Artisphere | Arlington, VA

2012, Jun. 18 to Aug. 10 - Art Libs at Harmony Hall RAC | Fort Washington, MD

2012, May 18 to Jun. 23 - The Stillest Night at Artomatic in Crystal City, VA

2011, Sep. 28 to Nov. 6 - Selections from Loveable Misfits at Artomatic | Frederick, MD

Articles and Interviews:
2014, Dec. 10- Krissy Downing Interview - Surreal Style for "Disco Droppings" by Jimi Jaxon |

2013, May 30 - Episode 88: Krissy Downing and the Mind Painter for "The JellyVision Show Podcast" with Jennifer Crawford |

2010, Jan. 20 - Krissy Downing Suspends our Sensory Perception for "Murmur DC" by Scott Ahn |

2009, Jun. 10 - Artomatic 2009 Artist Interview for "Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together" by Tammy Vitale |

Contact Info:


telephone: (202) 386-1854